It is strongly recommended that cats and kittens are fed a balanced, good quality rich diet that will keep them healthy, well fed, and not make them over-or-under weight. Nutritional feed is necessary for the cats’ well-being in the long term.

Kittens and mothers are fed a digestible diet that is necessary for the growth and development of kittens during pregnancy and while lactating. This helps mom during the care process of her babies and helps the kittens develop properly while staying healthy.

The environment, litter boxes, and bedding for cats should always be clean and well maintained. This gives better comfort and rest for the animals to prevent stress and illnesses. Their home should be clean at all times. Cats are always provided with toys, cat tree, and other items that are safe for play, especially for little kittens.

We are happy to provide our clients with all the information and instructions they need on the feeding of kittens, steps for care, transition to new home when the kitten is old enough to leave, and maintenance. Our kittens come with a starter package when moving to a new home to help them better settle so that the process becomes easy for the owners, as well as kittens. Although our kittens are handled by us from a very young age, they are already well socialized with people and friendly, as such, our kittens normally adjust quite easily when moving into a new home. We also offer ongoing support to ensure clients have a full understanding about everything they need to care for their pet.

Kittens learn and train from their parents as they grow older, such as eating from the bowl, using the litter box. We monitor all of our kittens during their growth time and development to ensure all of them are doing well and healthy.

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