Russian Blue Cats

What is a Russian Blue cat?

A Russian Blue is a calm, affectionate, and smart cat that has a beautiful and lovely personality. They are known for their gorgeous green eyes and soft blue coat.

Moreover, this breed is suitable for many people with cat allergies since they produce less allergens (Fel D 1) that trigger an allergic reaction.

Russian Blues are generally easy to care for and groom; they shed less as well. Russian Blues do get along with large or small families, as well as pets. They are loving cats and enjoy following their owners around the house.

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Russian Blue Cats

Siberian Cats

What is a Siberian cat?

Siberians are a fluffy, long haired cats. This breed long lived in Siberia in harsh climate, they are built strong with a thick coat that keeps them warm.

They are sweet natured and have lovely personalities. And yes, they also produce less allergens (Fel D 1 protein) good for people with allergies.

The Siberian normally comes with golden, copper, or green eyes. Our cats are a traditional type without a colored gene (neva masquerade).

Siberian cats require regular grooming since they are long haired to reduce shedding and keep their coats in the best condition possible. This intelligent breed doesn’t mind small or large families, great with kids too.

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Siberian Cats

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